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Dr Ankita Roy is a well-established and experienced city based GP, specialising in general and mental health. She is well regarded by her patients, many of whom have been with her for years. She brings warmth and compassion to her consultations, along with dedication and highly developed clinical skills. Dr Roy has worked in a general practice clinic in Maroubra and an HIV clinic in Darlinghurst. She spent time in India, from January to June 2015, working as a volunteer in a Ram Krishna Mission hospital in Kolkata. In 2005 Dr Roy moved to a city CBD based practice. She works at City of Sydney Doctors every afternoon. Dr Ankita Roy is sensitive and perceptive, and her patients greatly value her care.

Dr Ercel Ozser has been working as a General Practitioner in Sydney for over 15 years after graduating from Sydney University Medical School in 1999. As a GP, he aims is to provide compassionate, holistic and long term care to his patients focusing on health as a concept that goes beyond the physical and encompasses psychological and social well being. His professional interests include general medicine, psychiatry, children's health, management of a HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Dr Ozser has worked in Darlinghurst and Surry Hills for many years and now joins City of Sydney Doctors as an experienced, compassionate and highly sought after GP.

Dr Claudia Lee  takes a highly personalised approach to medicine. Her aim with all patients is to heal the patient to achieve their life goals, not just cure diseases. Dr Lee has considerable experience within the field of Functional and Holistic Medicine, especially in the field of gut medicine, and it's relation to multiple other illness including infectious and autoimmune conditions. Another area of specialty is Women's, Baby and Childhood Health, with a focus on Fertility, Antenatal Shared Care and perimenopausal Medicine. Dr Lee has worked for many years in Bondi and Surry Hills, & brings years of broad general practice experience to City of Sydney Doctors.

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